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Oh hello there!

Can you believe that we’re nearing the end of the year? Crazy how time flies.

The Colorado Galvins are flying in and will be here any time now. All nine of us will be sharing the joys of the holiday season for two weeks in one house.

Nine. One house.

Crowded and chaotic. Yes and yes.

But, filled with so much love ya just can’t help but be greatfull.

(photo source: pinterest)

pssst…. If I were to make wishes for Christmas it would be for a pup and to be able to play the guitar as nasty as this chick (who by the way live is so amazing and charming). Santa?



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It’s Wednesday. Time to get it together.

I know, I know, life is hard.

The economy is in shambles, you’re looking for a job, your girlfriend broke up with you, you have a coworker with a bad attitude, your kid is sick, you can’t find enough time to exercise, and to top it all off your terrier won’t let you dress him in the new professional outfit you bought to update his style.

(ugh animals are so ungrateful, right?)

(photo source: pinmarket)

Well in times like these I turn to song. Not just any ‘ole song, of course. Something prolific….

It goes-“You take the good, you take the bad. You take them both and there you have the facts of life. The facts of life”.

The video is below. Now if Jo’s haircut, Blair’s lip gloss, and Tootie’s, well everything, doesn’t make you laugh at it all, then I don’t know what will.

Don’t laugh too hard, withstanding any recent drug addictions, those ladies are laughing all the way to the bank for sharing with us the awkwardness of adolescence.

Happy Wednesday!

What’s the trickiest time YOU’VE experienced

only to realize later that it was all good?

Hello: 12.5.11

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Good Morning Leaders of Tomorrow!

I know it’s Monday and that was really annoying but it’s true.

We’re all responsible for helping each other out, without of course putting our selves into a tight spot.

If you have no cash to give to someone in need this fine holiday season, no worries, just find some time.

(photo source: pinmarket)

Time is what can really make some big impacts, even if it’s just for a few hours.

So share your love and good fortune with others who probably don’t have access to a computer to read this.

psst… here’s a fun song to get your Monday rolling:

Dirty Projectors, Stillness Is The Move

What’s one time YOU were reluctant to help

but did?

Hello:12.3.11….The National Conversation 16

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Good evening ladies and gents.

I just got back from watching “My Week With Marilyn,” bravo Michelle.  Keep your eyes glued for a review later this week.

On the way home I heard this song from the National- Conversation 16.

This song hit the thoughts/feelings the movie conjured up- a pinch of romance, a lot of melancholy, and a good dose of melodrama. In all so Hollywood. Perfect.

Sleep tight and get ready for a great week!

Ya Gotta Know When to Fold Them…..Power Tools

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Listen up everyone,

Jo and power tools do not mix. Or any tools for that matter. Add onto the list nails, screws, etc.

I tried relaying this information to my boss, but she just can’t grasp the concept. It may seem like a silly girly thing, but believe you me, I would love to whack the shit out of some nails and make beautiful things, but I just can’t.

It has something to do with my coordination and noseyness. If you’ve ever had a conversation with me and watched me walk into a wall as I talked to you, it would all make sense.

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Something in the Air…Frankie and Johnny

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Hello There,

I’m up, yet again in the wee hours of the morning. The house is silent and the rain is furiously pouring down with no plans of stopping. Despite all of that, I’m feeling oddly romantic.

I know!

Well actually I don’t know, but after a two week period of feeling a little yuck, I’ll gladly take it.

Maybe it’s because I’m aware that in a month we’ll all settle into the cozy stays of winter. Nothing to do but eat soup and cuddle up with good books and movies. I can hardly wait for that time.

(photo source: Frankie and Johnny)

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Hello: 11.28.11

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Hello cherubs!

How will you show your love this holiday season?

Perhaps, you can try by switching up old traditions and making them your own. Sometimes scary, but worth a shot.(photo source: pin market)

p.s.- he’s in here for no real reason other than he’s so handsome and I’ve decided to make each Monday a pup hello.

(photo source: pin market)

What’s a new tradition YOU have introduced?

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