Ya Gotta Know When to Fold Them…..Power Tools

3.11.2010 § Leave a comment

Listen up everyone,

Jo and power tools do not mix. Or any tools for that matter. Add onto the list nails, screws, etc.

I tried relaying this information to my boss, but she just can’t grasp the concept. It may seem like a silly girly thing, but believe you me, I would love to whack the shit out of some nails and make beautiful things, but I just can’t.

It has something to do with my coordination and noseyness. If you’ve ever had a conversation with me and watched me walk into a wall as I talked to you, it would all make sense.

I love challenges. I really do.

Will you go up in a helicopter and take photos? Sure.

Can you help us lift heavy rails off the truck? Yupp.

Can you install these bulletin boards? Ummm…

So that’s the deal. I’m going to try it again today, but if I start breaking things and appear to be a danger to myself or others, I will stop. You know why? It’s good sometimes to admit to yourself and others that ya just can’t do something that well. Nothing wrong with that, and we just can’t do it all.

What’s something YOU tried really hard to do,

but sucked at ?


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