Ooh Baby I Like it Raw….JUST FOOD

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As humans we love to categorize every darn thang. While it can be helpful at times, like anything else, if over done it can become limiting. Especially with regard to food.

If you’ve ever heard of the concept of raw food and what it entails, it has the high possibility of making you recoil. While eating “raw” all day every day may not be for you, I am certain that there are principles from this way of eating that we all can adapt. In short, it’s about enjoying fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes in their most natural state. It’s a  basic concept that we’re all starting to realize is undeniably linked to our general well being.

While that’s all well and good, food, no matter what category you put it in is more enjoyable when it looks lovely and well- tastes delicious. This woman totally gets that.

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Hell Yeah America…..The Ides of March/J.Edgar/The Boss

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Politics reminds me a lot of attending a horse race. Lots of stats and figures, money,  many people thinking that they know how to pick a winner, money, women dressed to the nines, and of course a lot of shit.

I find it difficult to be trustful of any of the facts that are handed down with regard to who these politicians actually are-what they stand for and what they are capable of getting done. Sure you look away from the simple media news blips and do your own investigation, but even still. If I were to really sit down and do proper research of all the options, I’m  unsure if I would get the truth.

What I’m largely concerned with in the direction of this great country is not hard and fast results but digging in our heels  and making some much needed changes. That takes time and elected officials who understand the bottom line as well as also a concept of a greater good. Tricky stuff.

What I would love is to be a fly on the wall in important decision making meetings. To see the intricacies of all the choices to be made and how those choices are handled.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this want and there have been many books, television shows, and movies that seek to give us a glimpse to the inside of this world.

Recently, I’ve seen three such glimpses- The Ides of March, J. Edgar, and The Boss. If you click on the links you’ll see my reviews.

(photo source:holleraturgurl.tumblr.com)

How do YOU decide who to vote for?


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Well hello there!

The holidays are fast approaching…don’t try to be like this pooch and take on too much. While it just might all fit in there sometimes it’s better to let some balls drop. Take it from a girl who has had her fare share of way to many balls in her mouth (hahaha..couldn’t resist).

But really, if you feel overwhelmed pass a duty onto someone else or just let it go.

(photo source: postnext.com)

What’s one task YOU gave up and felt so free after doing so?

Hello:11.19.11….. Los Campesinos!/Purity Ring/Lil’ Kim

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Happy Saturday Loves!

Yea, it’s a little chilly here on the east coast, but so it goes. Truth be told we’ve been getting very spoiled with warm weather here and there, so I don’t  think we can complain that much although I’m sure we will.

Perhaps you’re not aware but I  currently live with an octogenarian and an aspiring Martha Stewart, also known as my parents. Good times are had each day- endless questions, lots of advice, and many instructions.They left this morning, so hot on my agenda is enjoying this big old house to myself.

For me that means some movies, wine, and lots of dancing. If you’ve ever seen me dance it’s an activity best done in the privacy of my home, as I’ve had eight year-olds sit me down and have a gentle talk  about  the importance of obtaining some rhythm. They just can’t see my talent as I have three distinct methods of dance.

The first is a silly jump spazz out. Los Campesinos! By your Hand is perfect for that. An added bonus is that it brings me back to my college emo music days.

The next method of dance is more like freestyle ballet. For that I will watch Purity Ring’s Bellispeak and pretend I’m the girl in the video, easy enough.

The last is just some good ‘ole fashion rump shakin. For that, I’m gonna go to Lil’ Kim, Warning (look out Nicki).

And there you have it.

By Your Hand- Los Campesinos!

Purity Ring- Bellispeak

Lil’ Kim-  Warning

What silly things do YOU do when you’re alone?

Let’s Get Real….Football

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Football and I have had an interesting relationship,              and as of late we have come to an understanding.

I had to let football know the truth- I like you but it’s just not that serious.

We could hang out sometimes but only when I’m in the mood. When we chill I won’t listen to everything you have to say because it’s just not like that. I’ll get excited and charged up sometimes, yes, but don’t take it to mean anything more than just a moment of excitement. But Dang. You sure do look good.  All those handsome men charged with testosterone in tight pants.

Yes please.

(photo source: Buffalo Bills)

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Good morning babies!

Here’s a song to get your little toosh moving. If it doesn’t do it for ya then crawl back in bed, grab your telephone, call ya momma and cuss her out- ‘cuz she sure did raise a fool.

When I listen to this it reminds me of a ‘lil shindig at my house in 2001.

Once the parents were gone, I prepped the whole house- removing the carpets, anything glass, etc. At the end of the madness the casualties were few- nothing that a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond and a bottle Febreze couldn’t fix.

A few days later I had almost forgot the whole event had even happened. Forgot, that is until I got “the look” from my mom, seated calmly on the sofa seething with rage. Then, “you want to tell me about this big party you had?”.  How could she  possibly know? As it turned out, my neighbors had all sold me out. Damn.

What’s one plan YOU’VE made that you thought was so fool proof, only to find a gaping whole unaccounted for?

Ideals…. The Ides of March

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At first glance this movie may seem unextraordinary.

Sure it’s got the names- Clooney, Hoffman, Giamatti, Gosseling, and Tomei, but is it worth it?

Oh yes, my friends, yes.

The premise, if you’ve seen the previews is simple- a view behind the closed doors of the political campaign. Who cares right? Trust me you will. Directed and written by Mr. Clooney himself, the characters are undeniably real, the acting is dead on, and the plot line is fast paced.

Of course Ryan Gosseling is as always, easy on the eyes, but he and Evan Rachel Wood give superb performances as young idealists getting their footing in the political machine. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, and Marissa Tomei help to round things out as the veterans of the game.  Go see it.

(photo source: unknown)

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